A Guide for a Newbie When it Comes to Hiring a Freelance Web Designer

When it comes to seeking a professional web designer to build a website for your company, you might be a little unaware about the distinction between CSS and CSI. You may be unaware of the other related terms as well. That is the gist of paying heed to the guidelines. We have explained some common design and front end development subjects as a website design guide to get you acquainted when it comes to hiring a web designer.

  1. Communicate

Surely god communication is essential, particularly in terms of accomplishing the UX design that meets your business goals effectively. When choosing a freelance web designer, discuss all your requirements on call. Yes this could be done on the chat as well but we want to assure that the person you are conveying this to should listen to your concerns and conduct a follow up to come up with his own questions.

  1. Languages

This is in terms of front end coding experience. Many designers showcase their skills by advertising their experience with front end coding languages. Various languages are required in various products and getting acquainted with the basics will help you find the right freelancer for your project. The key languages one should know are HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  1. Web design

The best place to seek what you want for your website is the Internet. Pay keen attention to the sites you like so that you can show them to your designer. Just don’t find a site you like and ask your designer to make its duplicate. Instead, share a list when them on what elements you want for your own website. Ensure to discover websites of other businesses in your industry. Discover the loopholes. Last but not the least, make sure your website looks attractive and deliver the value for the product or service you are selling to your consumers.

  1. Function

Always keep in mind the user experience when designing your website. Your website should be easily navigable, the setup should be intuitive, your contact information must be easy to find and the users don’t have to scroll too much on what they want to find. Your site should be built on a functionally reliable CMS as well. And when hiring a designer, have a look at his experience as well. Ask for their portfolio or look through it online.

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