Etc or eth

Etc or eth

GAS, 0.06096278, 1677.614, +33.00. Gas. ~, BCH, 1.40036556, 358.693, -1.11. Bitcoin Cash. ~, ZRX, 0.00151000, 352.776, -6.55. 0x. ~, OMG, 0.01455248, 226.901, +5.90. OmiseGO. ~, ETC, 0.02619191, 181.066, +0.37. Ethereum Classic. ~, GNT, 0.00045317, 137.774, -6.25. Golem. ~, REP, 0.06555000, 54.557, -5.57.Ethereum Classic price and historical price chart (ETC/ETH) 1 hour ago Subscribers who participate in the pre-sale above 02 ETH will also receive a special 35% additional bonus. VZT can be bought with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) Litecoin, Ripple, Wave etc.), or fiat currencies. "VectorZilla is our most ambitious and cutting-edge platform that will transform Live price chart and market data for Kraken ETCETH market. 13 Sep 2016 (ETH), which reversed the hack and Ethereum Classic (ETC) which did not subscribe to the hard fork and allowed the hack to persist). Now the anonymous hacker of TheDAO has begun cashing in his ill-gotten gains, and given a tip of the hat to the Ethereum Classic development team with 1,000 ETC 

370.566 -67.8 214s 0.92225 1.4474-" vs ace, eth, EtOH 980 Bis(2-ethylhexyl)amine C, 106-20-7 241.456 16121 981 Bis(2-elhylhexyl) azelale CggHajQli 103-24-2 412.647 -78 2375 0.915!S 1.446* i H20; s EtOH, ace, bz; si etc 982 Bis(2-elhylhexyl) elher 2,2'-Dielhyldihexyl ether C,6H3,0 10143-60-9 242.440 269; för 2 timmar sedan Startknapp och resetknapp till dator eller mining-rig Bra om man skall mina Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin etc Längd: 60cm Vid bud på flera aukt. 25 Jul 2016 Minutes after the Hard Fork, the Pro-forkers declared victory. It was a succesful fork according to them. The majority of the hashrate went to the Pro-Fork chain, a small amount stayed on the original Ethereum Classic chain. The Ethereum $ETH chain transition at that point went quite smooth, $ETC had more Welcome to our Ethereum Classic (ETC) mining pool. setx GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS 1 setx GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT 100 setx GPU_SINGLE_ALLOC_PERCENT 100 --farm-recheck 200 -G -S eu1-:4444 -O <Your_Ethereum_Address>. Download, configure and run eth-proxy. Ethereum Price Alerts. Published September 25, 2017. To help users of this website stay up to date with the latest price movements, we've launched email-based price alerts. Set your cryptocurrency pair (i.e. ETH/USD), exchange and [] Feaetured image: When ICOs Fail 

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ETC and ETH Exchange, is a bitcoin exchange platform which supports bitcoin, BTC, litecoin, LTC, FTC, feathercoin namecoin, ppcoin, terracoin, freicoin, NMC, TRC, FRC, PPC trading. 16 May 2017 It was announced from Chinese crypto exchange Yuanbao Jinhui (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. that as of tomorrow, the company will start to list new trading pairs against CNY which include, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. ETH and ETC will officially list on May 17, 2017, at 11:00 and be added to the  sending bitcoin from paper wallet 11 Dec 2017 As the hard fork took place on 20th July 2017, the currency policies of ETH and ETC that share the twin code went separate ways.Latest price chart trading data for Ethereum Classic / Ether ETC to ETH from Poloniex with volume OHLC data for the last 10-days.

27 Jul 2016 Here is a guide on how to access your ETC and sell it for ETH. I tried to provide the simplest way to do this that will allow you to be immune to any replays. In other words, if you follow those steps, you will be able to send your ETC to poloniex and leave the state of your ETH accounts unchanged. Prije 8 h II▻MINING RIG 5X GTX 1060 Gainward, ETH, ETC, ZCash, SIA, DCR Prodaje se mining rig: 5x GTX 1060 3 Gb GAINWARD - Micron. the economics of bitcoin price formation 9 Jan 2018 We're watching Bitcoin at a critical moment on the charts – will it bounce or will it break down? Meanwhile Ethereum has been very bullish based on the recent token usage through exchanges and transaction volume. We'll also discuss verifying FUD as it relates to MyEtherWallet, Jamie Dimon's latest 5 Dec 2017 Most of the time in the headlines, we hear about Ethereum (ETH), and only rarely is Ethereum classic (ETC) mentioned. In fact, the Ethereum we talk about the most today is just a fork from the original Ethereum classic (ETC). Regardless of media attention, these are both successful cryptocurrencies worth 

27 Sep 2016 I would argue that what people call Ethereum is the continuity from Olympic to ETH and objective evidence supports that in terms of price, hashing, dev support, dApps,and even just a look at which redditors & forum participants & devs on ETC were around ETH before the fork and which ETH redditors  Get free access to ETCETH charts, live rates and quotes. Ethereum Classic to Ethereum chart will allow to track the exchange rate history of the currency pair for several years buy eth domain 4 Dec 2017 At the time of the split, due to a lot of uncertainty, both ETH (Ethereum) and ETC (Ethereum Classic) had some pretty volatile price swings. The split has been quoted as the cause for a downtrend in price that lasted close to a year long. We have since seen the trend change and both currencies experienced Please do not send ETC to ETH and vice versa, as they are two separate currencies/protocols. If you have mistakenly sent your ETH to your

Fees for copies, confirmations etc. Main content. According to the Study Fee Regulations of ETH Zürich (Gebührenreglement für den Studienbereich der ETH Zürich). Valid from 1 August 2017  13 Jan 2018 Bitpanda is a Bitcoin broker based in Austria and now sells Ether as well as bitcoins. BitPanda has some good and low fees for buying ETH with a credit card. Bitpanda does not sell Ethereum Classic. To buy ETC you must buy bitcoins or ether and transfer the bitcoins/ether to Binance to exchange them for  eth zurich masters programs Huobi wallet - COLCHONES MIVISFirst, it's important to understand that there are two categories of digital coins: Cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin, ZCash, Monero, etc) and Tokens (e.g. Ethereum, Filecoin, Storj, Blockstack, etc.) Bitcoin is a With Ethereum it's similar, but slightly different: the token is called ether (or ETH) and the network is Ethereum.

Indeed the most precise* cryptocurrencies rates at a glance Ethereum Classic (ETC) - Ethereum (ETH) * Rates are updated every minute. Nanopool sia pending - Techfort live chart ethereum 28 Jul 2016 But major exchanges have picked up the alternative ethereum coin, so it's now possible to trade ETH for ETC. Poloniex, an ethereum exchange, was the first. Kraken, Shapeshift, and Bitfinex followed shortly after, meaning most of the exchanges that support ethereum now support ethereum classic.28 jul. 2016 No início desta semana falamos sobre a divisão na rede (hard-fork) do Ethereum e a consequente criação de duas moedas: a ETH (pós-fork) e a ETC (Ethereum Classic). Na terça-feira, 26/07, em um movimento que surpreendeu a muita gente, a ETC chegou a se valorizar mais de 400% em um intervalo 

MINING RIG 5X GTX 1060 Gainward, ETH, ETC, ZCash, SIA, DCR

So I still think BTC is the real thing and the way to go - but I want to put a smaller amount into ETC or ETH, kind of as an insurance. What are the differences, and which one of the two would you recommend? I only know that ETH was created through a hard fork after somebody scammed somebody, so that  Ethereumclassic ETC price graph info 24 hours, 7 day, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year. Prices denoted in BTC, USD, EUR, CNY, RUR, GBP. ethereum community 5 Aug 2016 Shapeshift has launched a new tool – Shapeshift Ethereum Splitter – that helps users split the Ethereum based cryptotokens: ETH and ETC. The Ethereum blockchain project had split into two following its hard fork last month. With Ethereum (ETH) continuing on a new fork, the original blockchain has Bonjour, J'ai acheté des ETH sur contre des BTC. La transaction a été validée dans ma wallet Electrum, mais mon solde en Ether dans ma wallet Jaxx est resté à zéro. C'est alors que je me suis aperçu que dans Jaxx, les adresses pro

3 Feb 2017 This window will show your TREZOR accounts/addresses and their ETH/ETC balances. Unlock for more information. In the next window, you can see your ether addresses and their balance. You should use these addresses to receive ethers into your TREZOR. Each of the addresses is a separate account;  The surprise that Ethereum Classic (ETC) was born as part of the Ethereum Hard Fork (ETH) is somewhat digested. However why the price of ETC continues to rise is difficult to comprehend (at the time of writing the price of ETC is USD 2.70). ETC should theoretically behave like the dead skin dropped by a snake which  free ethereum The Ethereum platform has been forked into two versions: "Ethereum Classic" (ETC) and "Ethereum" (ETH). Prior to the fork, the token had been called Ethereum. After the fork, the new tokens kept the name Ethereum (ETH), and the old tokens were renamed Ethereum Classic (ETC). Ethereum Classic appeared as a result 25 minutes ago Ethereum Tips bitcoin, btc, buy ethereum, crypto, currency, etc pos, eth, eth pos, Ether, ethereum, ethereum classic, ethereum classic miner, ethereum mining hardware, ethereum mining pool, ethereum mining software, ethereum mining tips, ethereum news, ethereum pos mining, Ethereum price, ethereum 

Eth contract address 14 Mar 2017 Bitcoin Hard Fork Fears Grow; Will BTC Turn Into ETH/ETC? Bitcoin has been on a roll throughout the first quarter of 2017. Things have been going so well that the failed ETF by the Winklevoss Twins only slowed Bitcoin price down for a few hours, after months of speculation. However, a major storm is  usd eth chart 12 Aug 2017 Dear Users, OKEx is proud to announce today the historic launch of token-to-token trading on our platform. On August 14th at 12am (UTC+8), OKEx will launch spot trading in pair-trade currencies. Users will be able to trade LTC/BTC,ETH/BTC,ETC/BTC and will also support both deposit and withdrawal 17 Nov 2017 Ethereum Classic. One theme of this section was “code is law” and “the world computer,” the second of which Hoskinson stated was always the preferred ideology of Vitalik Buterin. Since ETC and ETH split, “code is law” has been the philosophy and ideology of Ethereum Classic. The second part of his talk 

Gone forever most likely. If you have the private key of the ETH address on Poloniex then it is the same on ETC, so you did send the ETC to that address on the ETC chain, you just don't have control. Maybe poloniex will be nice if you ask them for the private key on that address, but I wouldn't hold your  39 B. May 27, 2017 Im not new to crypto but like many, I stopped mining and stopped paying attention to the cryptoworld after Ethereum price and historical price chart (ETH/USD) Price Analysis: BTC, ETH, ETC And LTC. eth vs etc 2017The purpose of the hard fork was a more rational distribution of payments for  best ethereum wallet india Eth vs etc mining - IC MONTANARIEthereum Classic to Ethereum Ether ( ETC / ETH ) markets ( 0.04885000 ) - Coinhills Digital Currency Market Finder helps you to search trending coins including Bitcoin with a few clicks. It supports the overall statistics of digital coins and exchanges lively.

Ethereum Wisdom shows realtime ethereum price charts for Ether, Bitcoin, Chronobank Time, Iconomi, Augur REP, Zcash, Shift, Counterparty, ZCoin, Antshares, Monero, Expanse, Lisk, Siacoin and Storj on various markets (, kraken, poloniex, bittrex and more) and various currencies (BTC, LTC, USD, EUR) with charts  18 May 2006 WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE ETC MOTOR AND THE ETH MOTOR AND HOW DO YOU KNOW WHICH ONE YOU'VE GOT. :fist: THE ETH MOTOR GETS WAY LESS HP/TQ CLAIMS BY EDGE WHEN INSTALLING A BOX. predictions on ethereum 5.9L Cummins Diesel Turbo-Diesel Eng. 6B Series ETC ETH Cam bearings (2.332" Hsg. dia.) in Cam Bearings.A leading global cryptocurrencies exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ETP.

2017年5月10日 2017 年什麼加密貨幣最熱門?毫無疑問,正是以太家族。以太家族正處於發展高峰,ETH 自ICO 起早已暴漲了100 倍以上,ETC 距離去年的低點也翻了10 倍有餘。ETH、ETC 崛起的原因正是因為他作為一個平台和一種編程語言,使技術開發人員能夠建立下一代的區塊鏈應用,而EXP 同樣具有這樣的發展潛力,支援  쉽고 안전한 비트코인(Bitcoin)/이더리움(Ethereum) 거래부터 합리적인 글로벌 송금까지. 한국 가상화폐 거래소 선두주자, 코빗(Korbit). ethereum classic profitability calculator Calculate the profit from mining Ethereum on MinerGate. Please note that it is an estimated amount of cryptocoins you can get. The calculations are based on the current pool fee, 0% bad shares and doesn't account for orphan blocks or uncles. Your profit depends on network difficulty, block reward, transactions amount and 8 Aug 2016 One of the side effects of the ongoing ETH/ETC “war” is the decreased hash rate and resulting decreased difficulty on the main Ethereum chain. While many miners have switched over to ETC mining due to its increased profitability, obtained simply by pointing to a different pool, the miners choosing to 

12 Jan 2018 "What is the ETC, something like DAO? or is the replacement of the ETH? Or just another currency?" Ethereum Classic can be considered a different cryptocurrency from Ethereum. They have different Blockchains and are independent of one another. But they have the same features and even shared the  ETC ETH price chart in real-time, binance exchange. Ethereum Classic ETH price and volume levels for 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days. Technical and fundamental analysis. Live chat/trollbox. eth zurich graduate school What Is Ethereum Classic? Ethereum Classic is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform. The currency emerged after the original Ethereum platform forked into two versions, including Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Ethereum (ETH). ETC was officially released after The DAO hard fork in 2016, 1 Jan 2018 A blog post published January 31 outlined full details of Emerald's three-tier features suite to further ETC use cases, including Dapp development opportunities and an in-house consumer wallet. Drawing conspicuous attention to Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Gavin Wood's embattled wallet project, the post 

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2018년 1월 9일 Ethereum Classic (ETC) ETH Compatibility. May 31, 2018 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM. Days. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 2. 2. 3. 3. 2. 2. Hours. 0. 0. 2. 2. 0. 0. 3. 3. Minutes. 0. 0. 5. 5. 0. 0. 9. 9. Seconds. 5. 5. 4. 4. 1. 1. 0. 0. Get an Email Alert  Best Exchanges to buy/sell Ethereum Classic (ETC). Here you can buy Ethereum Classic (ETC) without fees using most popular payments methods (Paypal, Visa/MasterCard, Bank Transfer and etc). ethereum reward per block Addnodes for EthereumClassic (ETC) · Addnodes for Ethereum (ETH). Addnodes provided has been seen and used by Novaexchange last 10 days and updates every 15 minute.24 Dec 2017 4 How Much Is Remaining In The Funds To Be Refunded? 4.1 The DAO to ETH Refund; 4.2 The DAO To ETH ExtraBalance Refund; 4.3 The DAO To ETC Refund. 5 Ethereum and Ethereum Classic Replay Issues; 6 How Do I Check If My Account Has Any Remaining The DAO Refund Due. 6.1 Check The 

Ethereum, ETH/AUD, $1,511.28, 2.66%, 6829.9 ETH. Eth-Classic, ETC/AUD, $40.12, 1.79%, 14229.8 ETC. Ripple, XRP/AUD, $1.64, 2.44%, 4902814.6 XRP. Bcash, BCH/AUD, $2,132.07, 1.53%, 198.8 BCH. Litecoin, LTC/BTC, 0.01602008, 2.57%, 449.2 LTC. Ethereum, ETH/BTC, 0.10326007, 2.39%, 257.3 ETH. Eth-  Btclogo $10,342.00; Litecoin logo $168.60; Dash darkcoin $713.83; Monero $290.41; Eth $1,114.37; Zec $404.62; Etc3 $28.20 EthereumClassic (ETC). Hash rate. Mh/s. Block reward. Enable. ETC. Difficulty. Enable. Power. W. Pool fee. %. Exchange rate. Enable. BTC. Cost. $/kWh. Hardware cost. $. BTC value. Enable. $. virtues and happiness essay eth 316 Convert ETH (Ethereum) to ETC (Ethereum Classic) online. ETH/ETC price chart & exchange rate. Currencio — World Currency & Cryptocurrencies Converter."I sent ETC to my ETH wallet by mistake". How To. In order to see your ETC and interact with the ETC chain, you must first be on an ETC node. Select "ETC ()" in the network-switcher in the top-right corner of Unlock your wallet to send ETC to interact with the ETC chain. You can see 

If you like this service and if you want new cool features (charts, history, statistics), please donate BTC to 13TRVwiqLMveg9aPAmZgcAix5ogKVgpe4T or ETH to 0x18f081247ad32af38404d071eb8c246cc4f33534, ETC to 0x89d0ea7cb0feb0f7b380295719f4e80f48f41633, Lisk to 2324852447570841050L, Shift to  reddit. I understand what happend with the fork etc, but what are theI like the philosophy of ETC more than ETH but I got a lot of erc20 tokens and wondering how they interact. On many blockchains, despite their "decentralization", a small few hold the ability to change how your contracts work and control your money. ethereum prism Ethereum Classic Pool. Min. payout threshold: 0.5 Ether, Payouts runs every hour. PPS, Pay-Per-Share -> Static payout. Miners Online: 45. Pool Hash Rate: 15.38 GH. Pool Fee: 1%. Network Difficulty: 111.501 T. Network Hash Rate: 7.74 TH. Blockchain Height: 5,295,359. Your Stats & Payment History. Lookup. 2.976 ETC Hello I'd like to introduce our Mining Pool Family at What differentiates us from many other pools, is beginn

15 Nov 2017 Ethereum Classic (ETC) now has a market capitalization of US$1.7 billion, making it the 15th largest cryptocurrency. Trading volume recently hit record highs of US$1 billion in a 24 hour period, exceeding even Ethereum (ETH) on that day. Trading volume puts ETC in the top five most traded  Welcome to our Ethereum Classic (ETC) mining pool. Search. Miners. Pool Hashrate. ETC. 5 Ether, Payouts runs every hour. payout threshold: 0. Ethereum-classic mining reward is combination of. All Ethereum Classic pools are here. 5 ETC, 3 ETC, 2. Network Difficulty: 111. When the Ethereum network split into ETH and  que comprar con bitcoins Ethereum-Classic Difficulty Chart and Graph. Created with Highstock 6.0.4 Ethereum-Classic (ETC) Difficulty Chart 1. Jan 00:00:00.005 00:00:00.010 00:00:00.015 00:00:00.020 00:00:00.025 00:00:00.030 00:00:00.035 1. Jan 00:00:00.010 00:00:00.020 00:00:00.030 Zoom 1d 1w 1m 3m 6m All From Jan 1, 1970 To Jan 1, That's a huge change, it's a new software now. To our surprise some new blockchains started to base their work on top of Classic Geth now, instead of ETH Geth. That probably means ETCDEV in a right path. Moved to new monetary policy. That was a big task, included not only modifications to Geth and Parity codebases.

Exchange Ether Classic ETC from or to Ether ETH instantly. No account required, API and Live Support. Swap cryptocurrencies and exchange digital currency at Changer. ETC / ETH | Ethereum Classic & Ethereum Charts, Data, Price, Market Cap, Hashrate. eth zurich renewable energy 10 Jul 2017 BTC38 is a reputable exchange, with a strong focus on CNY trading. Being able to trade both ETH and ETC against the Yuan will open new opportunities.21 авг 2016 Месяц назад, 20 июля 2016 года, сообщество второго по капитализации после Биткойна криптовалютного проекта Эфириум разделилось на две части – Эфириум (ETH) и Эфириум Классик (ETC). Предыстория этого крупнейшего в короткой истории криптовалют раскола известна 

From now on, GunBot license for any number of exchanges (1 to 4), will always cost $150 equivalent in BTC, ETH or ETC!How Does GunBot Work? GunBot Choose a secondary license for the markets : Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Cryptopia or Kraken - available to Gunbot owners only. ). 3 days ago Ethereum (ETH)  MyEtherWallet (MEW) is a free, open-source, client-side interface for generating Ethereum wallets & more. Interact with the Ethereum blockchain easily & securely. why is bitcoin cash up Kraken coin list28 Cze 2017 Obecnie nad działaniem ETC pracują trzy zespoły, w tym EthCore prowadzony przez Gavina Wooda, jednego z twórców pierwszego ethereum. Od czasu rozłamu, z punktu widzenia inwestorów, zdecydowanie bardziej atrakcyjne jest ETH. To właśnie ono zaliczyło spektakularny, bo 20-krotny wzrost 

9 jun. 2017 O Bitcoin continua a surpreender. Atualmente, o preço está na zona de um nível de suporte potencialmente elevado. As compras neste nível podem ser uma boa ideia para os especuladores intraday. Se o nível de suporte continuar forte, é um bom sinal de alta. Bitcoin / Dollar, 240, BTCE. A regra principal  2 Jan 2018 Forks are updates and segregations of crypto currencies, but they are not always useful. A striking example is the emergence of the ETC after the DAO hack, which you will read more about in this review. Also in the article you will learn what a fork is, what effect the second part of the ETH Constantinople  d2 eth bug ve ETH'nizi yeni oluşturduğunuz bu adrese yollayın. (Note The Bitcoin Protocol may fork (Due to split camps of bitcoin supporters whose beliefs about scaling) and Ethereum has already forked (ETH and ETC). IOTA tangle research, development, investment. IOTA - The Machine Economy. Follow market experts, get Deposits are typically transferred from one ETH address to another without proper KYC checks, often using a single publicly announced address for purchasers to send their funds. Hackers and scammers take advantage of this by posting fake ETH addresses on forums, and unsuspecting token purchasers end up 

13 Mar 2017 The purpose of the report from Grayscale Investments was to outline their preference of an investment in the ETC token as opposed to the ETH token. ETC is the token on the Ethereum Classic network, while ETH is the token on the Ethereum network. In the report, three main areas of the cryptocurrency  17 hours ago Ethereum classic price is moving lower in a bearish path against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ETC/USD could decline further towards the $28.00 and $26.00 support levels 03 eth to usd ETC Block Explorer. View detailed information on all ethereum classic transactions and blocks.An easy to use crypto-currency finance utility used to calculate a Ethereum Classic miner's potential profits in ETH and multiple fiat currencies. The calculator fetches price and network data from the internet and only requires the hash rate (speed of mining) from the user. A projected future profit chart is created dynamically