Ethereum whales

Ethereum whales

26 Jun 2017 But it's already had to weather a handful of scandals and crises: in June of 2016, a hacker exploited an early vulnerability in the system and made off with $53 million worth of the digital currency, tanking the system's value overall. Ethereum has suffered through DDoS attacks and potential “whale” investors  Hunting Whales in Furtherance of Egalitarian ICOs and a More Fair 17 Jan 2018 Of course, the value of the currency will experience enormous highs and lows as investors join and whales leave, but if the technology is to succeed, then the long run price will be much greater than today. From the content on this page, it should also become apparent just how challenging it can be to 7 Dec 2017 It goes without saying that the more of a specific cryptocurrency you hold, the more you are affected by changes in the price of that cryptocurrency. For that reason, holders of significant amounts of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple (or any given cryptocurrency), also known as "whales," have it in their best interest to 

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24 Mar 2017 Here's how an ICO typically works: A new cryptocurrency is created on a protocol such as Counterparty, Ethereum, or Openledger, and a value is . The market cap for bitcoin is now close to $20 billion, and half of that is allegedly owned by less than one thousand people, who are called “bitcoin whales. How To Trade With Whales And Profit On Poloniex - Ruclip6 Dec 2016 People keeping a close eye on the Ethereum price may have noticed things are heading south. In fact, Augur's REP token is following a similar trend. As it turns out, someone has – allegedly – hacked one of both currency's “whales” and is dumping all associated coins. An excellent example why security  ethereum rainbow shirt TxHash, Block, Age, From, To, Value, [TxFee]. 0x5cd857e1cfbb8031d1ae3b9a94b4d290326cd2021e8cfdb17831dc7afe3aa156 · 4184757, 59 days 3 hrs ago, 0xd1a9d9433acde2e26eb5289a773237988cdc73c1, IN, 0xd8f65d62b3ba36a6da2de36b23a204fa983c3af3, 2,000.389973047036844 Ether, 0.000441.16 Oct 2017 I watched the pre-sale for .80 cents a share, and watched it climb to $16 before I bought in, and sold at various point between $50 and $350. I have seen BTC whales make waves in markets, I have witnessed several hard forks, and I have studied and used cryptocurrencies for over 5 years now. While I am 

Whale panda bitcoin - IC MONTANARI For instance, if the price of ETH was $300 on GDAX and $320 on Poloniex, you could sell on Polo while buying on GDAX and net $20 per ETH. There is a lot of talk about exchange arbitrage these days now that more Chinese exchanges like Huobi and OKCoin are listing Ethereum. *While it's easy to be set up on multiple 15 Jul 2017 That price dropping hurts! You could have made 12.5% this morning – IF you got in with the “whales”. Big-time traders have the ability to margin-trade on GDAX, HUGELY driving the price up and down. As “margin” traders, they're already heavily invested, but have the ability to borrow 2 to 3 times more. ethereum emoji 10 Dec 2017 Bitcoin has captured the public imagination this year — or at least, as its price skyrocketed, tapped into public greed. But bitcoin was built by a tight-knit community of technology buffs and entrepreneurs, and a relatively small number of them own an outsized share of the cryptocurrency. As smaller investors 11 hours ago Useless Ethereum Token (UET) Sees Significant Pump $ETH.X · NuggzJan 30th, 5:50 am · $ETH.X $BTC.X just broke support finally. Heading to 8k within the week. Eth will follow downtrend as well. 3. 1. ManichaeanTrumpJan 30th, 5:48 am · $ETH.X relax the whales want 

Btc vs eth vs xrp Airswap bittrexAls iemand z'n short goed op hele altcoin markt goed timed, wanneer een whale 1000 BTC dumpt dan is-ie in 1 klap miljonair. .. ETC heb ik persoonlijk alleen gebruikt voor het daytraden, wanneer Ethereum naar boven gaat dan gaat ETC er altijd achteraan na een aantal uur. Gezien de stijging van  03 eth to usd 27 Aug 2017 to gain approval from Whales who will then influence the blockchain to send them rewards. 1 Designing an Exclusive Club on a Blockchain. The founding principle of WhaleCoin is a simple idea: if you have 1,000 Whale- . Whale coin will use the same mining schedule as Ethereum, which is currently 5.11 Jan 2018 Ethereum ETH, Monero XMR, Factom FCT, DASH, are all leading coins and traded the most volume daily. You should follow the coin's chart and identify low and stable periods. Such periods are likely to be a consolidation period by the whales, and when the right time comes, accompanied by a good press 

16 Aug 2017 We chatted up the creator of ZP, Adam Perlow, to find out what made it different than popular cryptocurrency smart-contract platform Ethereum: The whales out there might not care about losing $32, and others might point out that it's a rookie mistake to move contracts without enough ETH, but at some  World Blockchain AMA - BlockgeeksBitcoin 'Whales' Vote in Favor of Larger Tx Blocks - eth environmental engineering 27 Jun 2017 After ethereum's price plunged yesterday to a low of $206, halving from an all time high of $420, complaints started everywhere about bear whales taking everyone's lambos. “Stop with the FUD,” said one fictitious typical bull trader, “there are no bearwhales, it's just a dip, no one taking your lambos, Raiden 17 Jul 2017 We've studied Ethereum's gas-limited virtual machine, confidential CryptoNote-based systems like Monero, Zcash with its (relatively) efficient zero . and blockchain glitches, periods of media-driven speculation, profit-taking by crypto whales, 2 to 4 year cycles, deliberate pump-and-dump schemes, and the 

LTC | Litecoin $100 ? | #VentureCanvas - VentureCanvas Эфириум-киты предлагают хакеру DAO юридическую поддержку 8 Dec 2017 Holders of large amounts of bitcoin are often known as whales. And they're becoming a worry for investors. They can send prices plummeting by selling even a portion of their holdings. And those sales are more probable now that the cryptocurrency is up nearly twelvefold from the beginning of the year. ethereum logs [[30/01/2018]] ps3 Bitcoin mining hashrate. gigabyte r9 280x Bitcoin Crypto market oddities— whales, pumps, and ICOs – Hacker Noon

6 Sep 2017 Another thesis that came up was “Scalability” which is to look for blockchains that can support very high scale. Interestingly, Ethereum, which took a lot of heat for scalability at the event just passed a testnet milestone for Raiden (god of lightning in Mortal Kombat, riffing on Joseph Poon's Lightning Network). veggiecoin Archives - Crypto Chartist27 Apr 2017 Bitcoin and Ethereum were not built to successfully scale, because all their transactions and smart contracts exist on a single public blockchain, rather than on state channels. State channels are a two-way transaction channel between users or between machines. Smart contracts inside these state channels  ethereum hashrate gtx 1070 3 Jun 2017 “That was fast,” I keep saying. Why do I keep saying that? Because I keep this page open in my browser all the time: I had bought bitcoin at $2200. It promptly went down to $1700, and ether went from $203 to $150. The next day. That was fast. In the past five days, ether has gone from $150 to $220, and 21 Mar 2017 Whale Club doesn't accept FIAT currencies. Every single operation on Whale Club is processed in Bitcoin – deposits, withdrawals, orders, positions, balances and all other requests. The trading platform supports the following digital currencies: Bitcoin (BTC); Dash (DASH); Ethereum (ETH); Litecoin (LTC) 

Whales definition: Bay of inlet of the Ross Sea, near Little America | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. 22 Jun 2017 We call the people who manipulate Ethereum's price “whales.” These investors often sell massive sums of ETH in a coordinated swoop. This triggers other investors' limit orders and stop orders in GDAX. In the end, this kind of manipulation makes the whales a pretty penny. I can almost guarantee that the With exchanges and devs now starting to open up to ETH, these mechanisms whales currently use to spike volatility will hopefully be diminished as the larger vision of Ethereum plays out. Right now people are trading on emotion and momentum, not necessarily validating financial impacts of the tech being  gtx 1080 ti hashrate ethereum 11 Dec 2017 James Levenson · December 11, 2017 · 5:00 am The probability of a price action movement caused by the sale of a large quantity of Bitcoin will increase as long as its price continues to go up. As the digital currency gains popularity and rolls towards mainstream acceptance, smaller investors need to be 10 déc. 2017 Les « Bitcoin Whales »: Aujourd'hui, on recense 1000 personnes qui détiendraient à elles seules, 40% de l'offre de BTC.

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14 Jun 2017 Hold on tight! Market is retracting greatly right now — takes some grits to stay in this game, but selling will only lead to instant losses. $115B market cap was the highest it has been and this has happened at least 2x in the last 4-weeks. Whales = big investors. Whales see the new cash coming in, cash out,  Anyone Used G752VS for Ethereum Mining and will it Burn Out the Tame the Whales? Developer Nick Johnson Thinks He Can Fix ICOs ethereum adder Killer whales . . . #bitcoin #btc #ethereum #eth #litecoin #ltc - Imgaf17 Jan 2018 but essentially provides a utility (store of value, being able to run smart contracts on the ethereum virtual machine, being able to store files in a massively What this means, then, is that price may be artificially inflated by the activity of whales and current market caps may not reflect the value that would be 

In crypto currency land that doesn't exist - you will have big players (aka. Whale) selling big position with no concern about price. Like the DAX ethereum crash last week was exactly this type of event. Now imagine hundreds of individuals doing something similar across all coins not just BTC, Ethereum but  17 Dec 2017 However, despite the great amount of interest from large swathes of investors, most of the coins in open supply are controlled by a very small group of people called “whales”. These big money traders have large positions in the coins. These positions are so large in fact, that they can effectively manipulate 17 Jul 2017 Exchange: Casas de Cambio donde podremos comprar y vender Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin al mejor precio, algunas pueden ser Coinbase, Bittrex, Whales: Ballenas en español, personas con mucho capital o grupos que se dedican a bajar y subir monedas a su antojo para un beneficio propio,  2 mh s ethereum 0x bitcointalk - Jelia CareIf you own a significant amount of Ethereum you must understand that moving your coins on one chain (ETC or ETH) can have unintended consequences on the other. This topic has been covered over the last few days by more technical folks, dubbed the "replay attack". Here follows a layman's version for your average 

Government-issued currency, such as the US dollar. Whale Someone that owns absurd amounts of crypto-currency. Limit order / limit buy / limit Refers to the 'currency' of projects built on the ethereum network that have raised money via issuing their own tokens. Examples: GNT –  8 Aug 2015 Vlad Zamfir of Ethereum recently made a blog post describing a new Proof of Stake algorithm called Casper “the friendly ghost”. Its name is The end result of this economic arrangement is that participating in Casper will only be profitable for a small subset of whales, likely a dozen or less. The only way to Ltc markets reddit how to convert btc to eth 22 Dec 2017 At its peak this week, bitcoin was up around 2,000 percent for the year, Ethereum is up 7,400 percent at the moment, and Litecoin is up 5,500 percent. An anonymous whale recently announced they'd be giving away $86 million worth of bitcoin to charity through an organization they call the Pineapple Besides governments, what else could stop the pump train? Hackers seem focused on low-hanging fruit – no one bothers to actually attack technical weaknesses in a blockchain. “Early adopters,” old guard (OG) whales cashing out faster than demand can absorb the coin supply may be the only other large counterbalance 

ethereum whales - Start making your own internet bussines today! Be your own boss! Join our website and start learn HOW! - Speed Wealthy. Who is whalepanda - GN Badley & Sons Family Butchers4 Sep 2017 Think like a Whale. Profit like a Whale. There is a difference between the average trader and a skilled trader. The average trader will trade based on antminer t9 ethereum Whales and Killer Whales: Bitcoins Big Money Movers Bitcoin 13 Nov 2017 I get that Ether took over and old Ethereum became Ethereum Classic… but Bitcoin has been around for a long time, you can't just come along and If the whales (of social media and the exchanges) who are pumping Bitcoin Cash and dumping Bitcoin don't take a breath and think about what they are 

12 Jun 2017 I was wrong about Ethereum because everyone is using it as a supercomputer… No. But, then again I I was wrong about Ethereum because it's such a good store of value… no wait, let me try again. sale starts. These are decent size players, but not even the big whales who participate in these ICOs. Litecoin to digibyte5 days ago The 19-year-old bitcoin multimillionaire, Erik Finman, is traveling the world recruiting a team to build an alternative to what he calls the 'corrupt' world of cryptocurrency. Erik Finman says he's grown disappointed with the current state of cryptocurrency, saying that there are too many scams and too much  sell bitcoin breadwallet After ethereum's price plunged yesterday to a low of $206, halving from an all time high of $420, complaints started everywhere about bear whales takingNew Code Released for Vlad Zamfirs Ethereum Casper Upgrade

ethereum/go-ethereum/name-registry - Gitter 29 Aug 2017 The most important move is towards $400. The price traded as high as $390 recently, and doesn't continue to slow down. There is a major connecting support at $350 formed on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. The ETH bulls and whales are in charge and they may attempt further gains above $400 to new all Buying stratis - Ayursol Ayurvedic Solutions 1 eth to btc Stratis news redditToggle navigation. WHALEPOOL. About. About · Support & Transparency. Charts. Users · TA Analysis · Multi Exchange Charts (Coinorama) · OKCoin Futures Charts · Wisdom/Cryptowatch/TV Chart Layouts · Exchanges; Connect. Telegram Chart only rooms. Bitcoin Charts. Ethereum Charts. Altcoin Charts. More rooms 

Hi, I heard a NEM official talk about NEM challenging Bitcoin and Ethereum some time in the years ahead, so I ran some numbers based on the total supply Sadly, a lot of price increase/decrease is dictated by whales that we like to call “weak hands” and are not there to hold assets but to pump and dump. 19 Jul 2017 The fact that Ethereum supports smart contracts may be the largest part of the reason that almost. Be it fake news, whales dumping, TGE sell-offs or just plain bearish sentiment, ETH lags behind in stability and liquidity compared to fiat and this leaves plenty of room for a viable substitute. It also shows how 11 Dec 2017 Bitcoin is ripe for market manipulation for a few reasons, but is it a factor that needs to be considered? | News | Cointelegraph. why banks fear bitcoin 3 Jan 2018 According to a co-founder of crypto hedge fund Tetras Capital, Alex Sunnarborg, the top 100 addresses control 17.3 percent of all the issued currency, 40 percent of ethereum supply and over 90 percent of such coins as Gnosis, Qtum, and Storj, with most significant owners working in teams running these 18 Jul 2017 Nor does it warrant that the activities mentioned are fact. I hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, Storj, Tezos, Bancor, and MyBit. It begins with the Whales who will acquire massive quantities of Bitcoin gradually over time up to a certain price – let's say $1,500. Their goal is to flip their positions when price appreciates 

5 Jan 2018 The cryptocurrency space has been criticized since its beginning in 2009. During that time, few individuals adopted bitcoin (and a few altcoins) and they have now become the 'whales' of the market with vast stashes of crypto holdings. Moreover, the term 'whale' refers to an individual or a group of people This illustrated the final major problem with smart contracts: CODE IS LAW until the whales are in danger of losing money. Ethereum promptly split into two separate blockchains, each with its own currency – Ethereum (ETH), the wound-back version, supported by the Ethereum Foundation, and Ethereum Classic (ETC), the 23 Aug 2017 cryptocurrencies. This was around 2013, while Vice President at SecondMarket. In 2014, Bobby became Director at Bitcoin exchange, itBit, and then in 2016, joined Cumberland Mining—one of the largest institutional liquidity providers in cryptocurrency markets (predominately Bitcoin and Ethereum). is ethereum going to rise ETHEREUM. WHALES. This is not always the case. For instance, a glitch at a major exchange turned into a money loser and moneymaker for some just a month before: “On 21 June 2017 at 12:30pm PT, a multimillion dollar market sell was placed on the GDAX ETH-USD order book. This resulted in orders being filled from Ethereum dilution - Kefir

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Support of investment (early) and network analytics (later) on ; Support of IOTA in cyber•Fund experimental labs. We already created PoCs of smart socket - Elon, vending machine - Eva and smart lock using Ethereum contracts. Looking forward for whales who want to empower  Some anonymous guy on Veeky Forums that says he's Korean said he read some forum where some guys said that they're whales and that they're saying they're going to crash the price of ethereum on april fools day(lmao). Dumping all of my ETH now. 8 months ago. Bidwell. Nothing will happen.31 May 2017 The BAT token offering went live this morning when mining commenced on Ethereum block 3,798,640 and was originally designed to last until 156,250 Ether investors without large sums to throw at a token offering was forcefully cut out by whale investors, and is calling for an all-out boycott of BAT tokens. eth cost Investing in CryptoCurrency ? - Part 1 - Investing - Finance Yobit eth to btc - Mr. Slide

9 Dec 2017 About 40 percent of Bitcoin is held between 1,000 users today. Top 100 Bitcoin addresses hold about 17 percent of all the cryptocurrency according to Alex Sunnarborg, co-founder of crypto hedge fund Tetras Capital. In Ethereum, the top 100 investors control 40 percent of supply while they could control  18 Sep 2016 Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Classic etc… Yes, there is a low bar for becoming a classic. Crypto Anarchist- Someone who totally hates the Whale- In finance, a whale is usually a very wealthy investor or institution. In crypto, it means a video gamer who borrowed two grand from his mom. Hope this helps.When I See Whales on the Bid - Coretech is ethereum halal 29 Jun 2017 Dearest Cosmonauts — This a quick overdue update on some loose ends from the fundraiser, namely how to check your suggested Atom allocation, what to do about the Cosmic Whale that contributed 40k…Gwei to usd

5. Sept. 2017 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple: Chinas ICO-Verbot lässt die Krypto-Kurse einbrechen. Avatar 05. Zudem haben große Investoren (so genannte „Whales“) Sell-Optionen bei psychologisch wichtigen Marken gesetzt – bei etwa 5.000 Doller bei Bitcoin und etwa 400 Dollar bei Ethereum. Dadurch wurde viel Geld  5 juil. 2017 Mais récemment tu es allé sur des sites crypto-traders (comme , , ou bien des slacks spécialisés…). Et là, impossible de mettre du sens aux phrases des initiés : « Omg le sell wall de 95k, merci les whales, j'suis out de mon long et j'entre en short »; « 100% bullish on GNT 4Chan biz starts to like litecoin - FIT Beilen eth zurich ranking computer science 14 Jul 2017 It will be interesting to see where things go from here for Ethereum. There is a lot of positive momentum among the community, but it is still a market dominated b whales and other large-scale investors. Any cryptocurrency market can go up or down in a matter of minutes without a clear reason to explain the 11 Sep 2017 I managed to get into Ethereum below £5 and for me this was a no brainier as I could see the potential, it aimed to develop a system that went above and . it gets far harder to get maximum growth and these kinds of coins are often held mainly by a small percentage of large whales and are at much more of 

5 Dec 2017 The token will be used as inputs for OBT smart contracts, executed on Ethereum, to embed data pointers for content hosted on the OpenBazaar network. . Economically irrational actors (trolls, hackers, spammers) or 'whales' (individuals or organisations with a lot of Eth) could monopolise the OpenBazaar  This is probably the first time I heard someone referred to as whales. With cryptocurrencies, there are Whales too. Take for example what happened last week in the Flash Crash of Ethereum, where a Whale plunked down a buy order of 30 Million worth of Ethereum, and brought the whole exchange down, The comedic soul of the decentralized web. eth lightwallet On 12/12/2017 at 3:53 AM, rack001 said: I would definitely prefer Ethereum over litecoin on any day , litecoin is just getting pumped by whales for now , thats what i think, this used to happen with less significant alt coins , small whales or pumping groups used to pump them for a while , make some profit and For my human–whale–robot hybrid, The DAO would legitimize the identity of the hybrid by realizing its programmatic operation and economic performance – in effect creating a new kind of legal entity.6 Why whales? I was inspired by a science fiction idea mooted in the Ethereum community (Schroeder, 2014), which 

Download Books Killer Whales Are Non Human - Wardani Design 30 Jun 2016 The Ethereum Whales. According to a blog, the ETH whales believe the developers at the Ethereum Foundation have an obligation to support the original smart contract. That is to uphold and recognize the events that have occurred under the parameters of the original contract and to reject the new one.12 Dec 2017 In addition, the top 100 Ethereum addresses control about 40% of the issued currency. However, the situation that a small number of whales dominate the market is not a new phenomenon. The banking sector suffers similar actions for a long time as the whales at the top become fatter at the cost of the  what could go wrong with bitcoin New Code Released for Vlad Zamfirs Ethereum Casper - ixsir2 Aug 2016 - 2 min - Uploaded by Tommy World PowerThis video shows you how the walls changing throughout the day, note the walls were pulled

21 Apr 2017 Yet lastly it feels like only whales and technical users could, since most of the top ones closed in hours or minutes. We want our We don't want to put the Ethereum network at risk in case something goes wrong. Simple pricing. The pricing structure will be exactly the same as Ethereum's sale. The first two  18 Nov 2017 Need Demand and Deep-Pocket Whales: Coinbase Custody To Target Major Investors. Business and Finance · By Alex Tomzack On Nov 18, 2017 Will Ethereum and Bitcoin have another titanic year in 2018 on the backs of institutional investors? It's possible, but the verdict is still out. As final, it is very 20 Jan 2018 Why do you guys even bother with your shitcoins? Don't you know that most of them won't even exist in 2 years? Ethereum is way easier to track and isn't as controlled by whales. Who else has the majority of their portfolio in Eth and is /comfy/ ? >> Anonymous (ID: Ba5v4Hpg) 01/20/18(Sat)16:43:32 No. eth swiss 1 Aug 2017 Like an ocean, market is vast and includes both big and small investors, similar to small fish, big fish and whales. As in an ocean, whales are the largest living creatures, who can overpower small and medium sized fishes due to their size, similarly bitcoin whales are the most wealthiest or influential 14 Jul 2017 The mechanism has been around for a while — the first instance was MasterCoin in 2013, followed in 2014 by Ethereum's first ether sale, and more recently by the ICOs might have lowered barriers to entry, but most token sales are dominated by a handful of large investors —“whales” in crypto parlance 

The Bitcoin Group #103 - Ethereum Classic, Steem Ponzi, Bitcoin is Jennifer - @Jennife53334302 on Twitter - Trendsmap14 May 2017 Analysis: Money is Still Pouring In – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, Augur, Dash and Ethereum. Published. 9 months That's what the so-called Bitcoin whales did 5-6 years ago. Ethereum Classic. ETC has been moribund since hitting the 3rd arc. When it gets to the arc again, let's see what she does. nicholas spencer eth 8 jan 2018 SeaWorld ended its killer-whale-breeding program in 2016, after facing backlash over its treatment of animals. The company's CEO, Joel Manby, said on Monday that its current pool of whales, which can live up to age 50, would stay in its parks for years. “I get frustrated with the small-minded arguments 12 Jul 2017 Identifying Fake Walls. When you're a cryptocurrency investor that either day trades or holds short term positions, you have to play smart. You have to understand that there are whales that have the ability to manipulate markets. Whales are traders with large amounts of capital that can put a buy or sell order 

Bitcoin gold gdax 11 Jul 2017 ICOs are tokens, typically based on the technology underlying Bitcoin's more versatile cousin Ethereum, that entrepreneurs sell to investors in exchange for For those 'Bitcoin whales' that want to trim their large exposure to Bitcoin caused by this price run-up, ICOs have developed into a viable solution.17 Dec 2017 Analysis in Chains - Linking opportunities in Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies The price boom continues while Bitcoin attracts more and more retail investors, but risks are still inherent since whales have major effects on price swings, while liquidity is less than it seems. Links for  what is 1 bitcoin The term “whale” is frequently used to describe the big money Bitcoin players that show their hand in the Bitcoin market. The ocean as a metaphor for the market is apt, since one can then extend it to include the big fish and the small fish; sharks; rallies as feeding frenzies; waves as market moves; and so forth. It may be Whalesburg is a cryptocurrency mining software and a smart mining pool. Increase mining profitability!

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12 Nov 2017 Bitcoin cash reached an all-time high of $2,500 a coin early Sunday morning, surpassing Ethereum as the second-largest cryptocurrency on the market. Kyle Samani, a managing partner of MultiCoin Capital, told cryptowatcher Laura Shin that numerous bitcoin whales, or wealthy bitcoin traders, were  Where to buy DNTBi Weekly r ETHInsider Discussion January 16 2018 best card for mining ethereum Los magnates del bitcoin son ridículamente ricos - El FinancieroXvg whale mcafee

12 Dec 2017 Browsing social media, one could be forgiven for thinking that the bitcoin community is all about Lambos. One cryptocurrency user is proving that their interests are more diverse, however, by buying a whole fleet of F1 supercars. Also Read: Parity Calls for Ethereum Hard Fork to Reverse $230 Million Bug  5 Nov 2017 the bitcoin fork, the price is expected to adjust as the short-term profit encashment opportunity will cease to exist. This phenomenon of buying bitcoins and selling the newly received altcoins such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold for profit has become a hard fork strategy for whales, traders and investors.Official LAMBO BTC Ticker Has Begun ethereum penny stocks 4 Dec 2016 Given how predominant English is in the Ethereum community, failing to communicate effectively in English speaks to competence. X Factor 2: a successful crypto crowdsale depends on attracting whales (ahem, most whales are native English speakers). I cherrypicked a few token sales and checked how 7 Jul 2017 An altcoin is a bitcoin clone – a coin that has one utility, and that is to act as a simple store of value with limited other functionality, or no other functionality. Tokens can store complex, multifacted levels of value. Ethereum tokens are generated by a Smart Contract System, are highly programmable, and have 

The Bitcoin Podcast Network - An Ethereum Podcast: Episode #6 12 Aug 2017 These people are also referred to as bullish whales. 5. BEARWHALE. This means a trader with a fat account who is bearish on the price of a cryptocurrency. 6. BAGHODLER. This is an investor or a trader who has been holding (or hodling) for too long on a particular cryptocurrency and now has to face the steemcleaners Flagging For No Reason Or Whales On Steemit Abusing Their Power?😡ðŸ'Ž. how to mine ethereum easy Xvg wraith protocol - Iron House CrossFit12 Nov 2017 The 6th Trigger of what happened? Altcoins. Meanwhile, in the market of the AltCoins, the blood ran, dragged by the need to convert their Altcoins into other less volatile crypts, saving only a few of the sangria, such as IOTA, Dash, and Ethereum. Speculation, manipulation, centralization, and control.

10 Dec 2017 Sometimes when there's a huge drop in bitcoin's price traders called “bitcoin whales” are blamed for dumping on the market. Bitcoin whales are individuals or groups who hold vast quantities of bitcoins and can sometimes sway the market towards their preferential price. These market movers have been  In 2016, one such experiment, the Ethereum-based DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), raised an astonishing $200 million USD in just over two months. Participants purchased “DAO tokens” allowing them to vote on smart contract venture capital investments (voting power was proportionate to the number of 21 Nov 2017 As you can see this site provides a TON of information in a way that makes it really easy to do your Crypto Whale Watching! When it comes to doing your research on a coin, in particular an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network, then I think that is a great supplemental tool that can give you  sell ethereum paypal Bitcoin 100000 2018Cryptocurrency: Complete Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins! (8 HR). 8 hrs. Cryptocurrency: Complete Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins! (8 HR). Updated 1/2018. 4.524,559Discount:Original price:$199.99Current price:$11.99 · Best Seller. Best seller amongst similar courses. Cryptocurrency ICO Investing Course 2018: Identify the Best!

Ethereum ist eine der Top-Kryptowährungen nach Marktkapitalisierung und wird weltweit gehandelt. Sehen Sie die Echtzeit-USD-Preise von ETHEREUM, verfolgen Sie den $ETHEREUM-Chart, sehen Sie tägliche Fluktuationen und erhalten Sie die Möglichkeit, Kauf- und Verkaufsgelegenheiten zu erkennen. Kaufen und  Perspective. WhaleToken's revolutionary approach allows you to change your view on ICOs and the cryptocurrency market. The best way to waste your Ether. Since the inception of Ethereum, never has there been such a means of redeeming your Ether for self-confidence. Revolutionary. You're writing in the blockchain that 4 Oct 2017 I'm trying to trade some Ethereum to Bitcoin on Bittrex. There's a pair of transactions rapidly popping in and out over and over for the last 5 minutes and it Price spikes up 3% instantly - whale purchase. Bot sets bid offer 0.5% lower than that new inflated price. You come in, and match that 2.5% above  ethereum rig 17 Aug 2017 Why I think Bitcoin and Ethereum are a bad global payment system (currently). by Ivan Voras, Thu Ethereum with it's 15-ish transactions per second doesn't solve this particular issue. Any kind of The only difference is that they are not called "banks" but have more colorful titles, such as Bitcoin whales.No bad news whale wall - LIONSDISTRICT3232B

Why litecoin will fail - Gift Show Poland 11 Dec 2017 Big whales of Wall Street are not ready to short Bitcoin yet and this just gives a strong indication that Bitcoin price has not reached its peak yet. An important price Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Lightcoin have seen unprecedented growth in 2017, despite remaining extremely volatile.22 Jun 2017 The crypto-currency Ethereum went on a wild ride on Wednesday, plummeting from around $320 to around 10 cents in a so-called "flash crash." Meanwhile, some speculated that the Ethereum flash-crash came about because of an error or that a “whale” trader deliberately induced it in order to make  gtx 1080 ti mining ethereum -Ethereum whales -Ethereum trading -Ethereum CFD -Ethereum news -Ethereum going down -Ethereum coin -What is Ethereum coin? -Bitcoin's scaling deadlock -Ethereum tokens -Ethereum Name Service -Ethereum risk. Resources -Ethereum wallets (Russian, Italian, Arabic, French, Spanish, Dutch). Hardware wallets2 Dec 2017 Relatively speaking, Ethereum's associated “fuel” coin, ether, hit an all-time price high of $420 back in June 2017. ETH didn't see that ATH breached until just a few There is often a lot of talk and speculation about whales manipulating the market for their own gains. This includes things like putting up buy 

Dao ico - BC Family Tour Btc vs eth vs xrpOr someone who bought ETH at $0.70-$1.00 (correction) in 2015 or started a mining farm at the very beginning. :-) eths calendar 2016 2017 8 Jan 2018website: wallet: bitcointalk: ?topic Bargains on Kids Ethereum T-shirt Premium Ethereum Logo Shirt 4

Large custodian fees from Coinbase for hedge funds and institutional investors vying for exposure to digital ccys/cryptos starting with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gdax flash crash0x bitcointalk - Dansstudio Beyond Basic sell my ethereum Circle Pay for Europe, Circle Trading for Whales #Bitcoin #circle Is it better to trade Alt coins with US based traders