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Poloniex eth

23 Jul 2016 Poloniex ExchangeVerified account. @Poloniex. Based in the United States, Poloniex is a leading cryptocurrency exchange offering a wide variety of digital assets. United States. Joined January 2014  Issue is, when one makes a deposit to the ETH address provided by Poloniex, it shows on the ETH blockchain -I use EtherScan- as a positive balance. BUT, it does NOT show on Poloniex! Meaning the ETH address Poloniex gives for deposits, is not linked properly to that users account. The ETH is there, it is on the address  3 days ago Poloniex is a crypto only exchange, we not accept deposits in fiat currencies such as US Dollars, Euro, and Yen. Minimum deposit in poloniex? The minimum deposit for ETH on Poloniex is 1 ETH. Based in the United States, Poloniex is a leading cryptocurrency exchange offering a wide variety of digital 

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ethereum · ETH/BTC, 0.10488126, 4,547, $ 1,189.072, $ 51,549,373. bitcoin · BTC/USDT, 1.00000000, 3,622, $ 11,383.167, $ 41,066,728. ripple · XRP/BTC, 0.00011316, 2,577, $ 1.2829303, $ 29,220,309. ethereum · ETH/USDT, 0.10480387, 2,428, $ 1,188.194, $ 27,524,015. ripple · XRP/USDT, 0.00011331, 1,402  Live price chart and market data for Poloniex ETHBTC market. ethereum ai 23 Jun 2016 A picture of the Poloniex ETH lending order book The Poloniex ETH lending order book. The loan offers with the lowest rates will be filled first. Placing an offer at 0.045% (that's about 20% APY) will put us first in line. Our service automates this part of the process.

The total number working with the Ethereum (ETH) → Bitcoin (BTC) direction is 14 reliable exchangers. Total reserve in exchangers: 329.80 BTC. Average exchange rate: 10.3517. The BTC/ETH official rate from Poloniex for today is 9.3002. Some of the exchangers presented here have additional commissions that are  Getting really tired of depositing eth on poloniex and finding out 10 hours later after, sending a ticket, they are having wallet issues. antminer s5 ethereum Margin Trading. View Offers. Samsung unveiled this awesome Bitcoin mining rig made entirely out of Galaxy 8 Smartphones. Kraken vs Poloniex; Kraken vs Bittrex; Bittrex. Buy, sell and margin trade Bitcoin (BTC) and Etherum (ETH) in exchange with EUR, USD, CAD, GBP, and JPY. Doesn't matter if it's a Reddit thread, .

Poloniex, 0.10420, 0.10411, 0.10420, 35,056, -0.38%, BTC, 22:29:46. xBTCe, 0.10649, 0.10262, 0.10661, 947, +1.27%, BTC, 22:29:34. GDAX, 0.10434, 0.10432, 0.10433, 13,149, -0.17%, BTC, 22:29:37. Kraken, 0.10403, 0.10384, 0.10392, 24,099, -0.53%, BTC, 22:29:41. BTC Indonesia, 0.10423, 0.10423, 0.10425, 425  Poloniex recommends ETH deposit at least 1 ETH. I also do not know the reason what makes them suggest like that but as their member we can only follow the existing means maybe in the withdrawal prosess we also experienced the same thing. I never withdraw or deposit ETH to and from  nicehash for ethereum 20 Jun 2017 I transferred funds from HitBTC into my ETH address in Poloniex.

TabTrader is a FREE trading terminal for bitcoin (altcoin or cryptocurrencies) exchanges Coinbase, Bitstamp, ANXPRO, HitBtc, BTC-E BTC e, BTCChina, Huobi, Kraken, ItBit, Bitbay, Cryptsy, Bter, Bitfinex, Clevercoin, Bitmarket, Gatecoin, Bleutrade, QUOINE, Bittrex, BL3P (Bitonic), Poloniex, Bitcurex, EXMO, cex  The minimum deposit for ETH on Poloniex is 1 ETH. Amount: The net amount of the markets currency you have bought or sold. ETC. Visit our Support Center to get technical and product assistance and find Want to know what's happening with Poloniex? Say Please pay attention to these rules and exceptions before  eth casper 12 Jun 2017 About Poloniex Exchange. Poloniex Exchange is a US-based exchange, started in 2014. It purely deals in the crypto-to-crypto network. It is a digit asset for future trading. Poloniex is also one of the most active trading platforms available. Poloniex offers nearly 140 Bitcoin and Monero markets and other 

No clear minimum deposit level is announced by Poloniex. I am setting up my mining pool and need to set a payment threshold. The minimum deposit for ETH on Poloniex is 1 ETH. July 6, 2017 bitcointrading 0. Hey guys, i cant seem to google any answers with regards to minimum deposit amounts in poloniex. I am setting  Minimum deposit in poloniex? In short, its more profitable and less work than lending manually. I am setting up my mining pool and need to set a payment threshold. Im trying to figure out what is the minimum deposit for the ff: Position: Long or short. The minimum deposit for ETH on Poloniex is 1 ETH. Some cryptocurrencies  ransomware bitcoin address

Latest price chart trading data for Ether / Bitcoin ETH to BTC from Poloniex with volume OHLC data for the last 10-days. Poloniex Web Socket BTC/ETH. A Pen By Anderson Juhasc. Run Fork Settings. Change View. Open this Pen in: Editor View /pen/ Details View /details/ Full Page /full/ PRO Presentation Mode /pres/ Open on CrossBrowserTesting →. Direct Code Links: .html .css .js. Editor Layout. Use Left Layout Use Top Layout Use Right  use bitcoins to buy things 3 days ago Bittrex omg eth. 01640016 ) - Coinhills Digital Currency Market Finder helps you to search trending coins including Bitcoin with a few clicks. io, kraken, poloniex, bittrex and more) and various currencies (BTC, LTC, USD, EUR ) with charts If the last comment is true, there is a serious problem with Bittrex: 

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As the team claims, Poloniex takes no the same situation with poloniex, they confirmed withdrawal,but zec disappeared. See what people are saying and join the conversation. withdrawal status shows complete with TX ID but eth never arrive in myetherwallet. Do not use URL shortening services: always submit the real link. 29 Dec 2017 itapeck • 3 weeks ago. Poloniex is a thief and he stole .3 ETH that were not credited even with so many confirmations. Shaiful Hafizal • 2 weeks ago. i have problem with poloniex verification, i from malaysia. my verification status is Legacy. i try upload both of them webcam/manual upload. id verification my  eths summer school My btc address is 1CQhZqn5fksC3SjctvVQJGpiPBfQEXf3xS Eth: 0x8 How to Make Money Fast Trading Crypto Coins on Poloniex www. Clarence James 9,072 views · 13:23 · Poloniex review - How to trade on Poloniex & make money lending bitcoin How to make money "riding the whales" on Poloniex, Kraken, other steemit 

23 Jan 2018 Just sent some Eth to Poloniex, wondering if there is a way to get a TXid on the transaction. Can see it's complete but hasn't arrived at other end. Regards,. Lime. 0. Permalink. Avatar. T Lee. 8 months ago. I sent ETH from Coinspot to my wallet and status shows as completed. However, no coins transferred  See those tabs along the top? That indicates the main trading currency. In the above screenshot, everything is traded in BTC. So When it says STR, it really means STR/BTC. You'll buy STR with Bitcoin, and sell STR for Bitcoin. If we click over to the ETH tab, you'll see: Poloniex ETH. Now, every currency pair is for Ethereum. ethereum pool list Anyways to this date I have been waiting for almost 120 days from Poloniex support but they did not respond yet. I had also problems with ETH and BTC around the same times but they have been solved by the same exchange way way quicker. It looks like there is a preference and altcoins like NEM is not 

13 May 2017 One with high volume GBP/BTC (Pound to Bitcoin) and then using a high volume BTC/ETH exchange. will just replace Coinfloor with another exchange, preferably the highest volume YOUR_CURRENCY to Bitcoin exchange there is and then use Kraken or Poloniex (high volume ETH/BTC exchanges). I use Bitstamp to buy bitcoin and Poloniex to trade alt coins (they have ETH on there as well). Contracts on the ether digital currency will be offered by an as-yet-unnamed exchange going by the code name “Virtuoso,” Dive into our revolutionary trading interface for the ultimate trading experience. registered users. discrimination and employment laws eth 321 This page is dedicated to keeping records of Crypto Lending rates.

2 May 2017 simply search for your Poloniex deposit address on the block explorer to check exactly how much you already have at your deposit address and how much you still need to send. Please mind the network fee when making the transaction, 1 ETH after the network fee will be .99 ETH, if the minimum limit is 1  In some exchanges, like Poloniex, users provide the loans for the margin markets and in others the exchange itself provides them. For example, in the Poloniex exchange anyone can lend their bitcoins or altcoins and benefit from interest on the loan. The main disadvantage is that the coins need to be in the exchange's  ethereum price prediction 2017 3 Just sent some Eth to Poloniex, wondering if there is a way to get a TXid on the transaction. Locate and click on the transaction you have just sent. 0001BTC/KB. Latest version available from the app store. No TXID. 2018 Coinbase; This article is for digital currency transactions sent to or from your Coinbase wallet If youre 

Start Margin Trading on Poloniex And as a regular routine, let's go over and check out the lending rates for ethereum if I was considering a short position Ethereum is considered different to most other alt coin developments Are shorts on Poloniex destroying the value of ETH and Short selling is a good thing Here are 3  BTC/USD btc-e 449 USD LTC/USD btc-e 3.67 USD LTC/BTC btc-e 0.0082 BTC. btc btc-e, kraken eth, poloniex dogecoin - currency prices on market. Example: btc btc-e. BTC/USD btc-e 450 USD BTC/EUR btc-e 401.8 EUR BTC/RUR btc-e 28,255 RUR. 13KPgojUhg2Rx92WRJQDZR7vy2vegonHsf  ethereum to usd calculator In the example shown below, the trading pair selected is ETH/ BTC where a user can buy or sell ETH in exchange for BTC. Poloniex is popular with users seeking to convert from one cryptocurrency to another, margin trade, and lend. How To Trade Altcoins On Bittrex | Poloniex - Complete to trade on the major trading 

carries BTC, ETH, LTC 4) Shapeshift - a unique platform where you can easily convert cryptocurrencies into the ones you want. With fees of course. 5) Bittrex - carries even more altcoins than Poloniex - in terms of volume, it is still very low compared to Poloniex. (as of 23 April 2017, Poloniex has a volume of  ethereum connect coin Just in case someone else is not seeing a record of their transaction, here's the reply I received from Poloniex's support: The minimum amount of ETH that can be deposited here before it shows in your account is 1. The next time you will deposit ETH and the sum of the two deposits is bigger then 1, the total 

5 Feb 2016 Day trade ETH between ETH and Bitcoin. Being ETH is the second volume mover according to Poloniex and probably as well. Dogecoin look like loosing momentum and volume, not as much as ETH. Litecoin is still #2 I believe after Bitcoin. However ETH price had passed Litecoin LTC  You can also mine directly to whatever you use to trade with ( Example Poloniex) -epool eth-:9999 -ewal "Insert your Eth wallet adress here" -epsw x -dpool stratum+tcp://sia-:7777 -dcoin sc -dwal "insert I'm mining just ETH on a 290x, do you recommend dual mining? cryptocurrency ethereum value 1 day ago Poloniex is a large target and I would suggest more Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchange based in the US. On March 4th, 2014, about 12. Nov 28, 2017 · The complete list of all Ethereum Trading Platforms, markets for buying and selling Ethereum (ETH). There's just . poloniex. 1. August 19, 2017. We are 

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Our Ethereum price forecast would be realized if investors had acted on specific Ethereum news, but they are not hence the current stagnant ETH prices. Ethereum ETH price graph info 24 hours, 7 day, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year. Poloniex exchange disables their troll-box to focus on Customer support. A new  11 Aug 2017 ye my deposit is missing, not even pending :/ 7 replies 0 get in touch with them, file a support query, hope it gets resolved soon! for me it was just slow eth network, not necessarily bittrex. Poloniex is 25 Aug 2017 Using a cryptocurrency exchange is often constricted by certain limits and lack of access to all  eth light font Test – Pros and Cons of Trading on POLONIEX. Check out the platform. 82 82. Main Features. Trading: "Real "crypto trading (actual crypto purchase). Anonymous Accounts: yes. Cryptos: BTC, ETH, ETC, DASH, XMR, XRP, LTC and about 80+ other altcoins. Payment Options: BTC + supported 

Poloniex Crashing? Unconfirmed SBD Deposits Below is a list of all SBD deposits to poloniex after my deposit, all of which are still by msg768 Minimum 1st Deposit: 10$ Poloniex minimum deposit Poloniex deposit usd Some cryptocurrencies have a minimum amount for deposits. ETH. Hey guys, i cant seem to google  15 Tháng Chín 2017 Một trong những điều tích cực nhất là chúng có thể trao đổi hàng chục loại altcoins khác nhau, không chỉ là BTC và ETH điển hình, mà còn nhiều loại cryptos mới nổi như Litecoin, Ripple, Dash và GOLEM. Khi nói đến Bittrex, bạn có thể giao dịch bằng cách sử dụng BTC, ETH và USDT. Poloniex có một  ethereum fuel 5 Nov 2017 poloniex- ENS Information. Owner: 0xee491eb579170f283c36443f531034322f338cd8. Resolver: none. Registrar Information. Status: Owned. Registration Date: Fri, 19 May 2017 21:45:29. Winning Deed: 0x29182da3745b2b19affd2f5cdbe902fee300def6. Locked Value: 0.01 ETH.

Do you mean that ETZ will be made available to purchase on the exchange using ETH with a value of 1:1? eth hardfork is not going to cancle. it going to 19 jan 2018. ethzero will be provide to eth holder 1:1 …check on . ?q=etherzero . I have all my eth on poloniex and bittrex.. anyone knows? 14 Sep 2017 Poloniex announced today via Twitter that GAS has been made available for trading in GAS/BTC and ETH/BTC pairs. ethereum india The other thing to note with Ethereum deposits into Poloniex is that as shown in big red letters above, you will not see any balance until your deposits total 1 ETH or above. I always like to test any new addresses with a small transaction, say 0.1 of a coin, or with BTC even 0.001, just in case there is any mistakes it doesn't 

Ethereum Ether to Bitcoin ( ETH / BTC ) markets at Poloniex ( 0.09143504 ) - Coinhills Digital Currency Market Finder helps you to search trending coins including Bitcoin with a few clicks. It supports the overall statistics of digital coins and exchanges lively. Notice: Undefined index: marketname in /home/.sites/16/site4015825/web/coinstats/ on line 31 Notice: Undefined index: exchangename in /home/.sites/16/site4015825/web/coinstats/ on line 32. (Details). BACK Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in  50 eth 1106 tweets • 1 photos/videos • 150K followers. Check out the latest Tweets from Poloniex Exchange (@Poloniex)

17 Dec 2017 Poloniex issues this STEEM / STEEMIT message in yellow, saying they have disabled STEEM wallets and direct the wording towards blaming the STEEMIT team! --. 26%: Recently: Poloniex STEEM/ETH: Learn about pros and cons of top cryptocurrencies to help Kraken, Poloniex Experienced founder  siacoin pool Market Share. BTC is still the granddaddy Ripple price chart for XRP to ETH on bittrex exchange. Bitcoin Cash: Here's how the BTC split into BCH will affect the Bitcoin price for but if the ETC vs. . WARNING: There's an impostor Poloniex app in the Google Play Store. Only a few months back, the market capitalization of the 

1 Nov 2017 To place an order on Poloniex, follow these steps: 1. Go to the trades section called 'Exchange'. 2. In the 'Markets' section there are 4 tabs: BTC, ETH, XMR, USDT - these are the currencies you can trade with. For example, if we want to trade Bitcoin for a different cryptocurrency, then we need to select the  Poloniex daily limit reset time For Grand Theft Auto Online on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "So since this Daily Sell Limit appears to be real, what exactly are the Bloomberg API request limit. 01 ETH and since Jun 24, 2017 It appears some people have issues getting money out of Poloniex,  ethereum shirt Is it possible to mine directly to user's ETH deposit address? For example, I'm using ETH pool. Can I use ETH deposit address from for payouts? What is the minimal ETH value allowed for deposit? Is there any fee involved depositing 0.1ETH? For example, Poloniex market allows depositing 

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I want this coin as part of my portfolio but its the one coin not on Poloniex. Server time: 2018-01-30 11:03 UTC; Users currently online: 22640; 24hr Volume: 12331 BTC / 3190 ETH / 400 XMR / 73452725 USDT. Zhao Chang Peng is starting his own digital asset exchange, hoping to compete with platforms like Poloniex. Write the private key Search for ETH (the shortcut for Ether(eum)) and click the "Withdraw" link on the right side of the page. wallet_account_transaction_history states 0. blackbeard 2014-02-16 02:21:52 UTC #1. with withdraw zcash, please response Ticket ##627897 @ Poloniex Support Center, Poloniex withdrawal. ethereum 2020 price prediction EMC2 All Time Chart Live price chart and market data for Poloniex EMC2BTC market Poloniex trade volume and market listings: Toggle navigation CoinMarketCap. 00010089 ) - Coinhills Digital Currency Market Finder helps you to search trending coins including EmerCoin price chart for EMC to ETH on hitbtc exchange.

Poloniex. ETH/BCN, $2, $0. Litecoin, LTC, 0. Bytecoin price chart for BCN to XMR on poloniex exchange. Just click to get XMR is the one and only ticket (shortening) for Monero cryptocurrency. CrypTrader, the CryptoCurrency Trading Platform. Say a dash of vodka costs . Monero (XMR), Bytecoin (BCN), AEON, Electroneum  27 Nov 2017 What is the Minimum Order Size ? The Minimum Order Size is a numerical representation of the minimum amount needed to be traded on a Exchange Market, expressed in the Primary currency . (the primary currency from a coin pair, is the left currency in each coin pair. Ex: BTC-ETH is a coin-pair . BTC is  ledger s ethereum [11][12] The DAO was de-listed from trading on major exchanges such as Poloniex and Kraken in late 2016. 2.37.1 [13][14] The token sale had raised more than US$34 million by 10 May 2016,[15] and more than US$50 million-worth of Ether (ETH)—the digital value token of the Ethereum network—by 12 May,[14] and over 

Hello- Could someone explain or provide direction on how i can convert my DAO to ETH. I have DAO on POLONIEX. My DAO is Temporarily Disabled on Poloniex platform. The platform will not allow me to perform any conversio… 21 Apr 2017 For traders, this suggests that ETH/BTC and signals from Poloniex should be weighted the heaviest when making trading decisions. Regarding ETH/USD, it should also be noted that the exchange price essentially hovers around $49, except on Bitfinex, where it sits $3 higher at $52. This higher rate should  dcorp ethereum 1 ETH = 1163.55 USD (source: ) 1 ETH = 1164.0 USD (source: ). #ethereum #ether #eth #cryptocurrency #coin · il y a 16 heures · Ethereum #eth @ethereum. From : Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin, NEM, Cardano: Price Analysis, Jan.

Just paid .01 ETH to xfer out of @Poloniex It's taken 20 mins and this transaction STILL hasn't confirmed. WTF! · Twitter Web Client · en. 0 1. Tweet Engagements. Quotes. Replies. Retweets. Trendsmap. Total of 0 replies and 0 quotes found. All Replies Quotes Retweeters. No quotes or replies found. Top. Retweeters. Paying for coin to get Poloniex. Server time: 2018-01-30 07:50 UTC; Users currently online: 20842; 24hr Volume: 12284 BTC / 3172 ETH / 458 XMR / 73884243 USDT. 5, Stellar · STR/BTC, $11354300, $0. Making Bitcoins lending at Poloniex is a lot less risky than you may think! Are you interested in earning interest on  eth money eth_btc, BTC-ETH, 2015-08-14, 2018-01-15, N/A. excl_btc, BTC-EXCL, 2014-09-28, 2018-01-15, N/A. exp_btc, BTC-EXP, 2015-09-16, 2018-01-15, N/A. fair_btc, BTC-FAIR, 2014-12-12, 2018-01-15, N/A. fct_btc, BTC-FCT, 2016-01-09, 2018-01-15, N/A. fldc_btc, BTC-FLDC, 2015-02-23, 2018-01-15, N/A. flo_btc, BTC-FLO 

27 Dec 2017 Poloniex Review: An American Cryptocurrency Exchange with BTC, ETH, XMR, and USDT Trading Pairs Poloniex is a United States based cryptocurrency exchange founded in January 2014 by Tristan D'Agosta. Poloniex's verification process is simple and is only required for withdrawal of currency. Poloniex-eth · Bitfinex-eth · Kraken-eth · Poloniex-etc · Bitfinex-etc · Kraken-etc · OKCoin-eth · HuobiPro-bch · Bittrex-bch · Binance-bch · Binance-eth · Poloniex-bch · Bittrex-eth · Bittrex-etc · OKEX-bch · Bitfinex-bch · Bithumb-bch · Bithumb-eth · Bithumb-etc · COINONE-eth · COINONE-bch · COINONE-etc · HitBTC-bch  gtx 860m ethereum Sign up, open a new account. Deposit other cryptos (BTC, ETH, ZEC, LTC, DASH, XRP and so on) that you keep at another crypto market (Bittrex, Coinbase, Poloniex and so) - unfortunately, Bitfinex doesn't accept fiat currency deposits. Exchange the deposited other cryptos into IOTA -having BTC and ETH 

25 Feb 2017 First of all, create an account with ; When logged in, go to “BALANCES” -> “DEPOSITS & WITHDRAWALS“; In the search form type “pasc” and it will instantly show you PascalCoin, then click on “deposit” and the wallet key will be generated, save it for later. The click on Deposit Address  eth to euro converter 5 Jul 2016 Hey! Unfortunately Gekko currently only supports watching a single market (like BTC-ETH). In this case Gekko calls BTC the currency and ETH the asset. The only markets at Poloniex currently supported are: BTC-ETH; BTC-XMR; BTC-FCT; BTC-MAID; BTC-DASH; BTC-XVC; BTC-GRC. If you want to watch