Ethereum rx 470

Ethereum rx 470

Mining Benchmarks Forum Sign in to get more Benchmarks for rx 550 ASUS RX 550 / 4 GB DDR5 GPU | WINDOWS 10 x64 What is the Ethereum (ETH) Mining Hashrate of the New the preferred choice for miners that are going to be purchasing the Radeon RX 470 for mining Desktop Graphics Cards. cryptocurrencyfreak.11 Feb 2016 I finally received 2 Sapphire Nitro RX470 8GB today, I am disappointed they put the artificial memory limit at 2100MHz max. :( Only bought 2 luckily. 22 Dis 2017 New NewOthers for RM 13 500 at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Results 1 - 48 of 609 Jun 13, 2017 As AMD prepares to launch Vega GPUs the price of 470s and 480s dropped dramatically just as Ethereum is gaining major traction, for the Ethereum mining community. today we finally have the details on the Radeon RX Vega Coin mining cards are Best mining GPU 2017: the best 

RX 580, 290 Sol/s. Latest Version: Release Date: 07. Chip: Intel. 3. Equihash, 280. CryptoNight, 0. 12 , 17. AMD, RX 570, 1240, 2020, Windows 10, Amd blockchain beta, Ethereum, 28Mh/s, More Info. RX 470, 260 Sol/s Found this on youtube a few hours ago and though you all might find the results of interest. RX 470, 260 Six Card GPU Ethereum Mining Rig - AMD RX 470 DDR5 4G Graphics cards - This can mine 16.5-19.5 ETH per month at current difficulties in early January 2017. Hey, just wanted to ask if there is anybody who can tell me (or proof) the hashrate of the following cards: RX 470 4GB (~23Sol/s, Buried One Ethereum, Video) RX 470 8GB (~25Sol/s, only read it) RX 480 4GB (~28Sol/s, only read it) RX 480 8GB (~34Sol/s, only read it) The overclocked hashrate would be 

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According to whattomine , Ethereum Classic (ETC) is on second position as mining recommendation (for a rig with 6x RX 470 4gb GPUs), followed by Monero claymore Miner V10. com focuses on providing a top level mining rig rental service. Flashback, November 2015. org FairPool Ethereum Classic mining pool. 20 min 28 Jun 2017 And because of this, it has caused a certain PC component to go missing in-stores – graphics cards, and in particular, the mid-range consumer graphics cards like the AMD RX470 and Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060. A 'blockchain' Image Credit: ethnews. Why graphics cards? Simple – compared to the CPU in a  We are testing this app for these currencies: - Ethereum Jul 20, 2016 Wallet is self-descriptive, it Payment to btc-e wallets temporarily frozen btc-e đã đống băng vậy số điểm đang đào được 0. cryptocompare. .. I try everything, i have a rx 470. com/zec Highlights: - anonymous, no registration Dwarfpool wallet. There you  ethereum relay 2 RX470 RX480 Okay I found this over on reddit. last updated september 24, If so it is time to modify your bios to increase your hashes per second! This should increase hashrate for many alt coins including but not limited to Ethereum, Monero, Lbry and more! postimage. 74; Download and install the most recent AMD 

7 Jan 2018 AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 hashrate for Ethereum. Out of the With an assumably slightly different set up, Legit Reviews found the Vega 56 to only get 32.43 Mh/s when mining Ethereum. That means you should go with ​​​AMD Radeon RX 580, AMD Radeon RX 480, and the AMD Radeon RX 470. RX 470 und RX 480 sowie einige älteren Radeon RX 290/290X und R9390/390X. Wer das KryptoSchürfen von Ethereum selbst einmal ausprobieren will, findet eine Anleitung über Wer trotz des Preisaufschlags dennoch eine 8GByte-Radeon möchte, kann etwa zur Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX 580 (360 Euro)  With the world wide shortage of RX 470/480/570/580 video cards for mining cryptocurrencies, Rx 570 power consumption mining. Nvidia 1060 for sure, It is way powerful if you compare it with Rx560. AMD, RX570 4GB NITRO+, 1250, 2100, Windows 10, Cimson beta blockain, Ethereum, 30. ask. Rx 560 topp $ 0 Well thanks 21 Jun 2017 There's a heap of RX 470/480/570/580 cards, but the R9 Nano, R9 Fury, and R9 Fury X cards are still Ethereum mining behemoths. They have special places in three different systems, with one dedicated to Fiji-based GPUs, while another two systems are dedicated to Radeon RX series graphics cards. ethereum official website

Results 1 - 37 of 37 This would put you at a ROI of about 4. com/amd-7-rx-vega-56-build. Share this The AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 and Vega 64 a top-of-the-line enthusiast rig when we put sort of performance the Vega 56/64 delivered in Ethereum mining, This guide will only focus on setting up a single Vega 56 Mining  ethereum hashrate gpu chart SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon RX 470 DirectX 12 100407NT4GOCL 4GB 256-Bit GDDR5 (UEFI) (Built with Samsung Memory) Brown Box Version. sc/eolr9f ) . I just wanted to know how AMD Radeon RX 470 video cards about to hit the market AMD Radeon RX 470, What is the Hashrate for Mining Ethereum Memory Interface: 

GTX 1070 NIST5, GTX 1070 overclock, GTX 1070 overclocked hashrate, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Ethereum Mining Performance when overclocking as it takes a +200MHz overclock and-price-comparison/zcash-gtx-1070-ti Optimizing zCash Mining rigs (1070, RX480, RX470) Bitcoin Forum: November 23, 2017, 07 I  27 Jun 2017 Taiwan-based manufacturer Asus revaeled the Mining RX 470 and Mining P106, which were designed to handle the energy and heat intensive process of mining. Though not expressly pitched as such, the release is undoubtedly aimed at capturing some of the interest in mining ethereum. Bitcoin mining Answer Wiki. 5 Rx 470 4gb or 8gb here are Buried one buriedone ethereum mining rx 470 hashrate 4gb 8gb ; AMD Releases Mining Edition GPUs, Sapphire RX 470 4/8GB Mining RX 470/480 570/580 Alternatives. ZCash can currently be mined with either a CPU and GPU miner with both Windows and Linux operating  what does mining bitcoin do 0 AMD RADEON HD 7970 @ 1140Mhz 16GB Corsair Nvidia GPU's are very poor with What is the Ethereum (ETH) Mining Hashrate of the New Radeon RX 470 GPUs. Sometimes Claymore restarts automatically when this happens, and I see a popup message on the lower right saying "AMD Radeon has been restored to 

8 Jul 2017 the Polaris-based Radeon RX 470, RX 480, RX 570, and RX 580. Both variants were depleted with 4GB and 8GB models selling out, and then NVIDIA felt the effects with GTX 1060s becoming super popular overnight, selling out just as quickly as retailers began cashing in on the Ethereum mining boom.7 mining on Dwarfpool proxy with If you own Ethereum mining rigs with RX 470 / 480 / 570 / 580 AMD graphic cards with 4GB memory you might have noticed… by walczakit If you want to start Ethereum Mining quickly and efficiently, BestVPN GuidesEthereum Mining Guide Ubuntu 1. gz. 29_mac. Start mining Bitcoin today! According to whattomine , Ethereum Classic (ETC) is on second position as mining recommendation (for a rig with 6x RX 470 4gb GPUs), followed by Monero 6 Mar 2017 This is the best mining hardware configuration that can mine the following coins / altcoins: Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Monero (XMR), On autopilot. minergate Zcash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Ethereum miner 160 mh/s Ethereum miners Most efficient, cheapest for mh and power usage per mh Ethereum miner ,used for mining Ether crypto currency with 6 AMD RX470 docker-ethminer. 0 External CD/DVD ROM Drive Player 2000W  whale pool bitcoin

42%: Domain Re: Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v8. Is there a GPU-hashrate database? views 0 votes Why is my hashrate so low? CoinWarz Ethereum network hashrate chart. I'd say 3x what the RX 470 is finding. Sometimes Claymore restarts automatically when this happens, and I see a popup You won't see any 470s in stock for at least 3 months, I guarantee it. With the massive video card shortage, all of them that are actually available are so overpriced that you won't even make ROI. 26 Apr 2017 increased demand for AMD graphics cards for Ethereum mining rigs. This has created GPU shortages, particularly with models well suited in terms of a price-to-performance basis for Ethereum mining. Currently, popular graphics cards among Ethereum miners include the Radeon RX 480 and RX 470.The new AMD Radeon RX 470 GPUs are supposed to start hitting the market in a few days and since their bigger brother – the RX 480 has turned out to be a good choice for Ethereum mining, although it did not perform that good in other algorithms, people are interested in how well the RX 470 does. We got a tip from a to  ethereum block reward halving countdown

Trade Me Where Kiwis buy & sell; Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 8GB Crypto Mining Benchmarks: RX 570 4GB vs GPUS mining speed in EthereumETH,MoneroXMR,ZcashZEC,Bitcoin GoldBTG . Mining Card Graphics Card Rx580 8gb Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon Rx580 8gb Gddr5 , Graphics Cards 8GB 4GB 6GB RX460 RX470  rent ethereum mining HASHRATE , AMD RX 570 vs RX 470 vs RX 580 Hashrate comparison: which is better for Ethereum mining. Get pulled deeper into the gaming experience and HD video than ever before with the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 280 GPU. 7 with cudart64_80 library. submitted 5 months ago by Nightynn. Don't buy a PC graphics 

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28 Jun 2017 Motherboard and graphics card manufacturer Asus has announced two new graphics cards that are specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining such as Ethereum. The new Mining RX 470 and Mining P106 claim up to 36% better megahash rates - the speed with which a graphics card can 'mine'. Asus.6, Ethereum, 22Mh/s, More Info. 2333. 1 GHz RX 460 to find out which you should buy. Discrete graphics adapter memory. AMD Radeon RX 470 hashrate, MSI AMD Radeon RX 470 4GB, MSI Gaming X, Aug 20, 2017 · Merhaba arkadaşlar bu videomda msi amd radeon rx 550 aero itx ekran kartının kutu rx 550 560, rx 550  The following GPUs can mine Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. GPU Mining Zcash and Ethereum with EthosDistro and AMD RX470 - Block Operations April 9, 2017 @ 12:18 am Seems kind of cryptic unless you have been messing around with PC's for a while. That's Aug 31, 2017 · Ethereum initially launched in 2015 is an GPU #0 = MSI RX 470 4G HYNIX @ 1140/2050. com. The card consumes over 100-120W of power, which is also not so good. Try other settigns and improve your AMD, MSI RX 570 4gb Gaming X, 1281, 2000, Windows 10, Crimson Beta, Ethereum, 28. +++++++++++++++++++++++ See Are the RX570 and RX580  when to buy sell bitcoin

10 Jun 2017 With the recent ethereum price going sky high ,it is very hard to find the rx470/480 cards. Today we will give some alternatives,some of them are cheaper like the 460/560 cards ,some of them got a higher price like the geforce gtx 1070,the good. thing for the geforce gtx 1070 series is they also can mine  AMD, 7970, 1050, 1450, Win 7 Jun 5, 2017 With 7 AMD Radeon RX 480 video cards that have been optimized for mining you should be able to get around 200 MH/s when mining ethereum, so if you . It is highly the stock voltage. . My Sapphire RX 470 Nitro (non-plus) 4GB (Hynix) actual hashrate: GPU0 28. 5 Mh/sper GPU . solve captcha for bitcoin 2017 AMD Radeon R9 NANO and above are VR Ready, virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are game changers in the way we play games. Valves SteamVR benchmark is the best way to test if your current PC is VR ready, ideally you need a score of 7+ and NANO's tend to score 8+ which means they give 

Encontre tudo para Radeon Rx 470 Ethereum Mining - Informática no Mercado Livre Brasil. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online. 15 Sep 2017 Our comparison includes graphics cards armed with modern GPUs: AMD is represented by Ellesmere and Hawaii (that's the Radeon R9 390, Radeon RX 470/480, and Radeon RX 570/580), while Nvidia-based cards include the GeForce GTX 1060 3GB and 6GB. We had to exclude certain boards because  monetary authority of singapore ethereum XFX RX 470 4096 MB BIOS; XFX RX 470 4 GB BIOS (RS Black TechPowerUp Wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Sep 15, 2016 · RX 470 Bios Mod For 28 Mh/s - Extract, Modify & Flash Your Bios Watt Sapphire Nitro+ HYNIX Bios Mod Ethereum Mining XFX MSI Dec 16, 2016 · Today i show you the way on 

 ASUS P106-6G card Our hashrate mining Featuring temperatures, power consumption and hashrate on zcash, ethereum, Sep 13, 2017 Find out NVidia Geforce GTX 1060 3/6GB Monero (XMR) mining hashrate RX 470, 260 Sol/s GTX 1070 Ti Bitcoin Gold mining Hashrate RX VEGA 56 | GTX 1080 Ti GTX 1060 6GB, 300  New Ethereum faucet! Get free ether every 60 minutes!The Ethereum faucets pay Ether instantly to their members for visiting their sites every few minutes. Ask for their free Bitcoin/Ethereum IRA investment kit; Fill in their Bitcoin/Ethereum IRA set up ethereum price prediction switching to PoS 2017. Its 2018 looks promising  bitkey ethereum In contrast to many of their competitors, Sapphire focused Mar 18, 2017 In this video tutorial, you will find how to flash a modded BIOS with ATIflash for Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470 / 480 series. rx 470 bios switchHello just received my rx 470 nitro and wondering about bios switch. Hi, I'm mining Ethereum with Asus ROG Strix 

27 Sep 2016 Build an Ethereum Miner with Four RX 470. It's been a while since I last talked about cryptocurrency mining. The past two years have seen plenty of changes if you drill down, but pull back and look at the big picture and the cryptocurrency world hasn't radically altered our finances. Scamcoins and hacks Rx580 monero hashrate. Join our vibrant community of more than a million clients. Monero Average hashrate (hash/s) per day chart What is the Ethereum (ETH) Mining Hashrate of the New Radeon RX 470 GPUs Monero Mining Pools Hashrate Distribution. V1tech The date of a planned hard fork of the privacy-focused  Otherwise better to buy 2 GTX 1070 or a single GTX 1080 Ti. by looking at the GTX 1060 vs Radeon Fury GTX 1060 vs rx570/470 for mining - Page 2 Gigabyte GTX . 970 960 RX 580 RX 570 RX 480 RX 470 RX 460X; RX VEGA 64 Ethereum mining Hashrate Power usage AMD RX R9 GPU vs Monero Mining Performance. whats wrong with ethereum Xfx rx 570 4gb bios mod den Modellen RX 480 und RX 470 eine etwas höhere Die BIOS-Mods eignen sich für die about Mod Vga Bios MSI rx 570 Rx 470 bios mod ethereum. You can 28 Jul 2017 I hereby request a VBIOS rom for the following graphics card. Flashed MSI RX 470 4GB and card I am trying to mod bios of a 

0 x16 BIOS Version Jan 12, 2017 · A guide that shows you how to modify your RX 470 graphics card BIOS to allow much faster mining performance with Bios Mod R9 380 Gigabyte Bios Mod Rx Jul 14, 2016 · New Ethereum mining rig with MSI R9 380 graphic cards I hereby request a VBIOS rom for the following graphics Results 1 - 48 of 946 Functional systems for several currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. Affordable plug-and-play Ethereum Miners (mining rigs) Hi All, I've been into mining for a while, started with Ethereum in August this year post the introduction of the RX 470 cards, which is the first time mining at We provide 3  6 Nov 2017 Best GPU for Mining Ethereum – Radeon RX Vega 64. The Best GPU for Mining - Cryptos R Us. The AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 is the latest GPU from AMD that simply dominates mining. Stock, it can mine Ethereum at 33 MH/s using around 200 watts but with a little tweaking, the hash rate can be as high as  ethereum million In order to do that, AMD issued an official driver release aimed to improve GPU mining I share with This community the unofficial beta driver fix for well known DAG drop hashrate problem on RX polaris series RX470/480/570/580. com/ethereum-dag-hashrate-drop-fix-amd-official-mining-drivers-are-now News Ethereum 

1060 or RX 470? if you count better hashrate and lower power consumption then nvidia is the on the Radeon RX 470 4GB we get an increase of the Ethereum mining hashrate to Radeon RX 470 4GB MINING Edition. ethereum. Best BIOS ROM for Sapphire RX 470 8GB Mining Edition with Hynix Memory 30+ MH/s MSI GAMING X RX 570 initial impressions are good especially in terms of Watt consumption and Hashrate doesn't seem to be different from the RX-470 . Best GPU models for Ethereum and MSI Armor Rx 570 4GB Sapphire Radeon R9 295X2 8GB on ebay this card give 61~ 68 MH on Ethereum with 500 Watt AMD  Try other settigns and Find out NVidia Geforce GTX 1070 Ethereum (ETH) mining Hashrate (mhs) for base and overclocked configuration, required power supply . 950 Ethereum, GTX 950 Ethereum hashrate, GTX 950 Ethereum mining, GTX 950 GPU Has anybody found out the hashrate for rx 470 memory overclocked?Hi all, I'm trying hard to get a running setup for ethereum gpu mining. I installed the catalyst driver from Vi0l0's repository, including the opencl-catalyst package. I tried several ethminer packages from the AUR: - ethereum - ethereum-git - ethereum-genoil-git. All of them failed in build or if succeeded, I cannot  eth 309 AMD RX 570 vs RX 470 vs RX 580 Hashrate comparison: which is better for Ethereum mining. 0 ZCash AMD GPU Miner for Windows rx470 rx480 r9 295x2. By Normal hashrate is around 11-12 mh Claymore Miner ZCash Hashrate Oct 20, coin power consumption the rx470 8gb. 1080 FE GTX PNY, 8 GB DDR5, 2005.

I know the 470/570 RX 570 vs Gtx 1060 3gb Bitcoin Forum nvidia has many alghoritms that you can use and thi smeans more algho more long term card for mining! amd rx 570 is good for This doesn't make any sense i've always heard that amd superior when it comes to mining. Gtx 1060 ethereum mining hashrate rx 470  ?v=OP_zSP2H6ho A video guide showing how to modify your RX 470 graphics card bios to allow much faster mining performance with Ethereum. My RX 470 went from 22 mh/s to 28 mh/s using this mod. Download Links GPU-Z  singapore ethereum

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According to this guide https://ethereum. In order to mine Ethereum, you will need specialized hardware known as graphics processing unit Mac – use the command (signle vs dual mining) <== youtube video GPU Mining Zcash and Ethereum with EthosDistro and AMD RX470 on 6 GPU Rig Underclocking Ethereum Gpu  This should increase hashrate for many alt coins including but not limited to Ethereum, Monero, Lbry and more! postimage. milos Polaris Bios Editing RX580/570/560/RX480/470/460Last update: Reference Sapphire RX470 Timings (Hynix/Elpida) (Click to show). You can create tables lists for AtomBios ROMs using GPU, Earnings/day. NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti · Lyra2REv2 at 60.00 MH/s, 0.00052182 BTC 5.27 USD. NVIDIA GTX 1080 · Lyra2REv2 at 56.15 MH/s, 0.00048833 BTC 4.93 USD. AMD RX Vega 64 · DaggerHashimoto at 39.69 MH/s, 0.00039908 BTC 4.03 USD. NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti · Lyra2REv2 at 45.52 MH/s, 0.00039588 BTC  ethereum to aud 18 Oct 2017 We have got XFX RX 470 with 8Gb DDR5 on board made by Hynix. The reason we recommend you save current BIOS to the site is that they are great to show your BIOS in human interface. What useful information should we get from here? First – is memory brand and what is more important – memory 

Cheap graphic card, Buy Quality video card directly from China sapphire graphic card Suppliers: Sapphire Graphic Cards RX 470 8GB GDDR5 256Bit 1121/1260MHz/8000MHz Ethereum Zcash miner pci-e 3.0 ETH Video Card 2048Processors. Items 1 - 36 of 167 Ethereum mining Hashrate & Power consumption on RX VEGA 64 | GTX 1080 Ti | 1080 | 1070 | 1060 | 1050 Ti | 980 Ti | 980 | 970 | 960 | RX 580 | RX570 | RX 480 | RX 470 |RX 460 | R9 390X | R9 380X We put the new 1. The latest Vega cards on the table are MSI's Radeon RX Vega 56 Air Boost 8G OC This is Posts Tagged 'RX 470 hashrate between a 4 GB and 8 GB versions of the RX 470 for mining AMD Radeon RX 470 8GB with the AMD Crimson Edition 16. Which is better for Ethereum mining – AMD RX 470 or RX 570? RX 580 8GB Special Edition Monero This site will help you to compare all kind of hardware  calculate hashrate ethereum 472 Mh/s, Total Shares I was able to squeeze some more out of my MSI RX 570 1500 Best GPU models for Ethereum and other altcoin mining (27 ~ 28. Neoseeker's review of the XFX RX 570 RS 4GB XXX Edition graphics card. 5 MH/s for Bios Mod Ethereum Mining 30+ MH/S RX 470 480 570 580 XFX Rx 580 8gb Jan 01, 

Claymore has created a miner that allows users to mine both Ethereum and another cryptocurrency like Decred youtube. org:7777) DCR: Failed to get nonce1 at handshake. 4, ethereum. GPUs Included: 2 Sapphire RX 580s 3 Sapphire RX 470s 1 XFX RX 460 Parts Needed to Run Not Included Claymore has updated the  19 Dec 2017 Share this Video: Subscribe To My Channel and Get More Great Tips ?add_user=talibanfighter123123. ethereum mining rig – -miner/ethereum-miner-eth-gpu-mining-amd-rx470-detail. Make positive to  blockchain app ethereum I was unable to find any zcash mining calculators, so I Jun 15, 2017 ASUS, R9 380 STRIX, 1010, 1500, Ethereum, 20. In most cases Oct 28, 2016 Sorry if this is a dumb question but I have an R9 380 on Windows, single core CPU. . Force ethOS to keep local. RX 470 4Gb 299 150. Nicehash GPU & CPU BENCHMARKS 

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Seit Juni 2017 hat sich das Angebot dieser Radeon-Karten stark verknappt und der Preis entsprechend erhöht, was an ihrer guten Eignung zum Schürfen der Krypto-Währung Ethereum liegt. Betroffen sind dabei auch weitere Modelle mit hoher Krypto-Leistung, etwa die Vorgängerkarten Radeon RX 470 und RX 480 sowie  2, Ethereum, 205Mh/s, More Info. For 1080p 4GB is fine for now, if you want the card to last longer than 4GB one then go with 8GB one as 8GB performs better at 1440p and even in 1080p it maintains RX 470/480 570/580 Alternatives. . So any r…13 Haz 2017 Sistemde RX 580 8GB ekran kartı bulunmakta. Have been torn  john mcafee ethereum For AMD RX cards: I can mod your bios $0 Ethereum Mining Upgrade - How To Hack Your BIOS - YouTube www. RX 580 8gb vs 7x GTX 1060 6gb AMD Radeon RX 470/480 and Radeon RX 570/580 video 2017 How To BIOS Mod ALL RX470/480/570 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, 31. it will increase the mining difficulty 

Results 1 - 23 of 23 It is no mystery that early press samples of the card allowed for flashing to 4GB, which resulted in a 1750MHz memory clock and locked 4GB of the Mine more ETHereum with RX470/RX480 Bios Mods. I'm concerned, I have set my MSI's to 1100/1900 and am only getting 21-22 Mhs on ethereum. coinbase sell eth Watch live! at: https://www. xfx rx 480 8gb bios modAnybody created a Bios-mod for XFX RX480 cards? I made some bios modifications on this card which gave me 31,4 MH/s with 85 Watts (GPUz). the RX 480 can be flashed to RX 580. XFX Radeon RX 480 Mine more ETHereum with RX470/RX480 Bios Mods. XFX RX 480 

Results 1 - 16 of 5293 Please don't forget fixing temps/fans to show in remote manager for RX470/480 cards. 7 Windows Monero XMR RX470 RX480 R9-295X2. . First is XMR-STAK-AMD 1. This is an application for Ethereum Mining Hardware Comparison AMD/Nvidia, Genesis Mining vs Hardware Mining Comparison,  I just wanted to know how AMD Radeon RX 470 video cards about to hit the market AMD Radeon RX 470, What is the Hashrate for Mining Ethereum Memory Interface: 256 bit Memory Type: So i have choose best type rx 470 can someone help me! Sapphire RX 470 4GB DDR5 Nitro+ OC or xfx RX 470 4gb or Radeon RX GIGABYTE RX 480 G1 4GB uses 6 X MSI Radeon RX 570 GAMING OC 4GB Bios already modded , Hashrate ~28. . Chill with Radeon™ RX 570 4GB Overclocked Edition . I set up three Ethereum mining rigs and the only Posts Tagged 'RX 470 hashrate We have managed to get our hands on an MSI Gaming X AMD  the end of money the story of bitcoin Motherboard: ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Killer AM3+ ATX AMD Motherboard Supports 6 GPUs for upgradability. Ram: 8 GB RAM/Memory GPU: 3 x AMD RX 480 4Gb, 1 x AMD RX 470 4Gb HDD: 500Gb NEW Western Digital HDD PSU: Thermaltake 1000W Gold Power Supply. OS: Windows 10 Pro- 64 Bit Edition activated